You heard right! We’re breaking another world record.
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Have you ever dreamed of becoming a Guinness World Record holder? Well, we’re about to make your dreams come true.

Join us as we bring the whole world together to achieve the Guinness World Record for Most Nationalities On One Ride

DATE: 8th April 2021
LOCATION: Wheel Of The World, Carnaval, Global Village

We are looking for more than 80 people from different countries to participate in this exciting event.

Priority will be given to individuals who are vaccinated. And families of different nationalities that register as a group and are also vaccinated.

Clear your wall of fame! Because you could be bringing home a Guinness World Record certificate for all your friends and family if we manage to break this record.

Are you ready to be a world record holder?
Hurry, places are limited!

*Priority goes to people who have had 2 doses, you must bring vaccination card

*You will need to register their details on the next page.


Terms & Conditions Apply:

- By submitting this form, you hereby confirm that all the information you submit is correct, or you are the authorized person to submit on behalf of the aforementioned name and email in the submission.

- Global Village has the right to use the data you have entered in your submission for any commercial or promotional activities it conducts.

- There are limited spaces available and only selected candidates will be contacted closer to the record achievement date. Any participant who is not reachable through the contact details provided will be disqualified.

- Priority will be given to people who are vaccinated and people who are living with different nationalities and register as a group (also vaccinated)

- All participants are responsible for providing all required documents i.e. valid National ID or a clear copy of National ID (that shows full name, age and photo) along with vaccination card.

- Only one nationality will be registered per person.

- Global Village reserves the right to announce the participants across all media, website, and social media channels.

- Participants will be filmed and photographed during the event for documentation purposes and Global Village reserves the right to use the images for any marketing or promotional purpose.